Unit 11

Unit Title: Selective Breeding/Adaptations
Unit Time Frame: 1-2 weeks

Unit Overview:
Students will learn and understand how organisms
get their characteristics and why it is important that
offspring are similar and different from their parents.
They will also learn how organisms change over time.

Essential Learning:

How do organisms get their characteristics?

Why is it important that offspring are similar and
different from their parents?

What is the relationship between behavioral and
structural adaptations and how do these adaptations
facilitate survival in the organism’s environment?

Heredity is the passage of genetic information from
one generation to the next.

Complex organisms develop from simpler organisms
by adapting to changes and pressures in the
environment over long periods of time.

Organisms adapt to their changing environment
through natural selections.

Key Concepts:
Natural selection

Selective breeding

Behavioral and Structural Adaptations


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