Unit 3

Unit Title: Properties of Matter
Unit Time Frame: 5-6 Weeks

Unit Overview
Students will learn that matter can be
identified by observable and measurable

Essential Learning
What distinguishes one substance
from another?

How well does one substance dissolve
another substance?

Key Concepts
Explain how a small number of naturally-occurring
elements can result in the large variety of substances
found in the world.

Identify compounds as substances consisting of
two or more elements chemically combined.

Create models of common compounds for the following:
water, carbon dioxide, salt, iron oxide, andammonia.

Compare and contrast properties of compounds to
those of the elements that compose them:
- salt:sodium, chlorine
- water:hydrogen, oxygen
- carbon dioxide:carbon, oxygen

Classify substances as: elements, compounds,
and mixtures.

Demonstrate techniques for forming and separating:
mixtures, mixing, magnetic attraction, evaporation,
filtration, chromatography, settling.

Interpret solubility graphs.

Distinguish among solvent, solute,
and solution.

Investigate the effect of variables on
solubility rates.

Unit Standards
Teacher Resources
Standards Scoring Matrix
Science/Engineering Practices
Cross-Cutting Concepts

Nature of Science