Arkansas History Unit 5

Arkansas History

 Unit 5

Unit Title: Antebellum

Unit Time Frame: 2 Weeks

Unit Overview:

This unit will focus on the factors related to territorial
growth and statehood. Students will examine the
political, social and economic changes in
Antebellum Arkansas.

Essential Learning:

Students shall examine factors
related to statehood.

Students shall identify political, social,
and economic changes in Antebellum Arkansas.

Students shall examine the political,
social, and economic growth in territorial and
Antebellum Arkansas.

Key Concepts:


Research the Indian Removal Act and
the Trail of Tears.

Examine the process of becoming
a territory and a state

Research the Louisiana Purchase
and the key players

Examine the political, economic, geographic
and social changes and growth in
Antebellum Arkansas.


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