Arkansas History Unit 7

Arkansas History

 Unit 7

Unit Title: Toward A New Century: Good Times and Bad Times

Unit Time Frame: 2-3 Weeks

Unit Overview:
The student will examine the changes that took
place in Arkansas as Democrats, railroads and
immigrants brought their influence into the region.
Students will discuss struggles at home and
abroad as Arkansas moved into a new century.

Students will also examine the new hope and
modern advances that effected Arkansas in
the early decades of the 20thcentury along
with the challenges created by the Great Depression.

Essential Learning:

Students shall discuss the effects of
the Great Depression in Arkansas.

Students shall identify political, social
and economic changes in Arkansas.

Students shall examine the political,
social and economic growth in Arkansas.

Key Concepts:


Describe the development of manufacturing
and industry in Arkansas using available

Examine the economic effect of Arkansas
natural resources
( diamonds, bauxite, forestry products, oil)

Describe the economic challenges Arkansas
farmers faced during the post-Reconstruction period.

Describe the of the 1930 drought on Arkansas

Examine the results of bank closures on Arkansas

Discuss the effects New Deal programs
had on Arkansas during the Great Depression.

Explore the consequences of the
Great Depression on Arkansas

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