Arkansas History Unit 8

Arkansas History

 Unit 8


Unit Title: World War II and the Civil Rights Movement

Unit Time Frame: 2-3 Weeks

Unit Overview:

Students will examine the issues leading up to
World War II, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the
war effort at home, as well as the difficult realities
of Japanese relocations, and the Holocaust.

Students will also investigate the state specific
challenges associated with desegregating
education and the crisis at Little Rock Central
High School.

Essential Learning:

Students shall examine the effects of WWII,
Civil Rights Movement and other events upon
the modernization of Arkansas

Key Concepts:


Identify contributions of Arkansans during
World War II: military, wartime industry,
domestic food production to feed the military

Describe the social and economic effects
of World War II on Arkansans

Research Japanese relocation camps and
prisoner of war camps in Arkansas using
available technology

Examine the civil rights movement in Arkansas
using primary and secondary sources

Identify political leaders and their major
contributions after World War II

Examine the economic development of
Arkansas after World War II

Investigate state specific Civil Rights history


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