World History Unit 3

Unit Title: Ancient China

Unit Time Frame: 3 weeks

Unit Overview:

The student will examine the political,
economic, geographic, and social
characteristics of Ancient China. This unit
will focus on the inventions, achievements
and contributions of the early Chinese Civilization.

Essential Learning:

Famous Chinese Emperors, Leaders/
Key Individuals and their achievements:

Govt. system and social structure


Famous events and key locations in
Ancient China.

Dynastic System and the Silk Road
trade route in China

Key Concepts:
Research how the Ancient Chinese Civilization
developed, evolvedandexpandedthroughout
the known world.
Research and analyze the key inventions, innovations
and contributions of the Ancient Chinese.
Illustrate and describe the keys locations and
events on a historical map.
Compare the famous Chinese emperors and
their contributions

Unit Standards
Teacher Resources
Scoring Matrix

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