Unit 2C

Unit Title: Waves
Unit Time Frame: 3-4 weeks

Unit Overview 
During this unit, students will explore how
a change in energy affects the characteristics
of a wave and its applications in daily life.

Essential Learning
--How does a change in energy affect the
  characteristics of a wave?
--What are the characteristics of wave types?

Key Concepts
--Waves tranfer energy, have measurable
  properties, and behave in predictable ways.
--Conduct investigations demonstrating the 
   separation of white light into its spectrum
   using refraction
--Describe how waves travel through 
  different kinds of media
--Differentiate among reflection, refraction, 
  and absorption of various types of waves
--Explain how energy is transferred through waves:
• seismic waves
• sound waves
• water waves
• electromagnetic waves

Unit Standards
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Standards Scoring Matrix
Science/Engineering Practices
Cross-Cutting Concepts

Nature of Science