Unit 3

Unit Title: Enlightenment and Revolutions
Time Frame: 6 weeks

Unit Overview 
We will explore the new Enlightenment
ideas and how they led to the American, French,
and Latin Revolutions.

Essential Learning
--Examine the influence of Enlightenment ideas 
  on Revolutionary movement
--Investigate causes and effects of various

Key Concepts
--Write arguments focused on the Enlightenment
  and Revolutions
--Write informative/explanatory texts that narrate 
   the events of the Enlightenment and Revolutions
--Produce clear and coherent writing
--Develop and strenghten wriring through planning,
  revisions, editing, and rewriting
--Write routinely over an extended period of time
--Determine central ideas or information of a primary
  or secondary source on the Enlightenment and
  revolutions and provide an accurate summary of
  sources distinct from prior knowledge or opinions
--Determine meaning of words and phrases
--Identify the author's point of view
--Integrate visual information
Unit Standards
Teacher Resources
Standards Scoring Matrix