Unit 4

Unit Title: Imperialism and World War I
Time Frame: 5-6 weeks

Unit Overview 
During this unit, students will study the
origins and effects of Imperialism and World
War I.

Essential Learning
--Describe the effects of Imperialism
--Describe causes and consequences of
  World War I
--Explain the influence that changing technology
  had on World War I
--Describe the Russian Revolution and 
  establishment of the communist state

Key Concepts
--Write arguments focused on Imperialism
--Produce clear and coherent writing
--Incorporate narrative elements in writing
--Write routinely over extended time frames
--Cite specific textual evidence of primary and
  secondary resources
--Determine central ideas of primary and
  secondary resources
--Identify key steps in procedural writing
--Determine meaning of words and phrases
--Integrate visual information

Unit Standards
Teacher Resources
Standards Scoring Matrix