Unit 5

Unit Title: World War II
Time Frame: 2-3 weeks

Unit Overview 
During this unit, students will explore
the causes and effects of World War II.

Essential Learning
--Origins of political parties (Fascist)
--Causes and effects of World War II, including
  anti-Semitism, Pearl Harbor, atomic bomb,
  USSR, satellites, and nationalism
Key Concepts
--Cite specific textual evidence to support 
  analysis of primary and secondary sources
--Determine the central ideas or information of a
  primary or secondary source
--Write explanatory texts about WWII events
--Write arguments focused on WWII
--Determine the meaning of words or phrases
  that specifically relate to WWII
--Integrate visual information with print
--Produce clear and coherent writing appropriate
  to task
Unit Standards
Teacher Resources
Standards Scoring Matrix