Unit 6

Unit 6
Unit Title: 
Cold War
Time Frame: 6 weeks

Unit Overview 
During this unit, students will examine the
causes, events, and impact of the Cold War.

Essential Learning
--Discuss causes and effects of post 
  World War II conflicts
--Discuss the downfall of Communism      

Key Concepts
--Analyze primary and secondary sources
  relating to the Cold War
--Provide an accurate summary of the source
  distinct from prior knowledge and/or opinion
--Determine the meaning of words and phrases
  relating to the Cold War
--Integrate visual information
--Distinguish among fact, opinion, and reasoned
--Read and comprehend historical text
--Produce clear and coherent writing about the
  Cold War
--gather and paraphrase information relating to the
  Cold War
--Draw evidence from information and texts to 
  support analysis, reflection, and research
--Write for an extended period of time
Unit Standards
Teacher Resources
Standards Scoring Matrix