STEM Design Challenges



Engineering Design Loop   
Graphic    Graphic with notes


The Write Tools
     Intro Activity - design a name tag

General STEM Challenges
The following challenges are written for K-5 use.  The challenge can be done as the "general" challenge or you can use the differentiated version for your grade level.  All levels (general and K-5) are included in the file.
    The Art Exhibit

    Get the Table Ready       
              SMART Notebook          Student Pages PDF  WORD  (more appropriate for upper grades but can be modified)

ELA Unit 1
Toy Box TowerIntroduce the Engineering Design Loop process
     Text Connection: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing    by Judy Blume

ELA Unit 2
The Great Shake           The Great Shake - Teacher Slides
      Text Connections: Earthquakes and Magic Tree House: Earthquake in the Early Morning   *The Magic Tree House book is not part of the CC unit texts; however it can be useful in comparing/contrasting fiction and non-fiction information

ELA Unit 3
     under construction

ELA Unit 4
The Book Support Challenge
      Text Connection: Now and Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin      

ELA Unit 5
     under construction

ELA Unit 6
Storming the Castle
      Text Connection: The Middle Ages and Knights and Castles (Magic Tree House)

Online STEM Resources  list of resources found online