Reading Foundation Skills Resource Page

Reading Standards: Foundational Skills
Skills Cards  WORD

Print Concepts
RF.K.1.d Alphabet Book (tracing letters)  WORD
RF.K.1.d SPEEDY! Game  PDF
RF.K.1.d Waterford  lower-case alphabet script  WORD
RF.K.1.d Alphabet Dice Game  WORD  
     Lowercase  bmsrtn     fwjhyv     pgdhlc
     Uppercase  BNSRTN    FWIHYV     PGDHLC

Phonological Awareness
RF.2 Phonemic Awareness Cards  PDF    Example PDF
RF.2 Phonemic Awareness Skills  WORD
RF.K.2.d & RF.1.2.c Long Animal Pictures  WORD
      (directions in I've DIBEL'ed Now What "Where's That Sound?"
RF.K.2.e Phoneme Manipulating Name Changes  PDF
Phonological Instruction for Older Students
Six Syllable Types

Phonics and Word Recognition
RF.3 Resources  WORD
RF.4/5.3.a  Decoding Multisyllabic Words Lesson  WORD

RF.1-5.4 Reading Assessment  PDF  
RF.1-5.4 Reading Assessment WORD